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Retrofitting & Refurbishment of LV Switchgear System

Retrofitting & Refurbishment of LV Switchgear System

When To Retrofit, Refurbish or Replace Ageing Switchgear

Management and maintenance of ageing switchgear is a challenging task always.  Older buildings are being upgraded to the 21stCentury, or relatively new buildings have additional power demand, meaning existing equipment needs to be optimised to meet the new site electrical requirements.

Capital expenditure, potential power disruption to site and economic uncertainties may often mean that the user will be initially cautious about automatically replacing all equipment.  Users will have an extensive evaluation of the safety, performance and possibility of extended live of existing equipment before making a final decision of “Retrofit, Refurbish or Replace”


An example of retro fitting could be upgrading a feeder MCCB circuit from 400A Thermal Magnetic MCCB to 630A with Electronic Trip.  This would be done for additional load to the building and also provides better electrical co-ordination between control panels.  Care and consideration to the BSEN 61439 standard needs to be taken when doing any retrofits to existing panels.


This option means restoring existing equipment to its original condition and performance specification.   This option is “age” driven as there is often limited access to the original manufacturers’ materials and documentation. However, a refurbish can, in instances, enhance the ratings and performance of equipment supplied.

A refurbishment will involve a maintenance sweep of all parts (inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of parts, adjustments and circuit breaker tests) with damaged parts also refurbished or replaced.

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