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Energy Management System (EMS)

Energy Management System (EMS)


  • Measurement – Collection of information on energy consumption
  • Monitor – To establish a basis for energy management and explain deviations from targets.
  • Target – Setting targets to reduce or control energy consumption based on an appropriate standard or benchmark.
  • Control– Implementing management and technological measures to correct any variances from target.

According to the improved approach, an Energy Management System (EMS) is people centric. It is incomplete without team “Engagement”.

  • Engagement – Displaying real-time consumption information, users can see immediate impact of their actions. Letting users know their real-time consumption alone can be responsible for a substantial reduction in energy consumption.

System Architecture of EMS

EMS consists of smart energy meters, CTs, communication devices and software dashboard (An interactive application helps in analyzing and reporting information while engaging users)

Advantages of EMS

  • 1. It make you Budget Smarter (Utilities Consumption)
  • 2. To get serious on ROI (for retrofitting projects)
  • 3. Identify, Test, and Validate Energy-Saving Scenarios
  • 4. Monitor Your Demand Requirement
  • 5. Create alerts for your target

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