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acb repair rectification

ACB Repair Rectification

Why do you need to service air circuit breakers (ACBs) ?

There are many common faults with air circuit breakers including them not turning on or off, not charging up or resetting or not tripping off as required. Other problems include the breaker not staying closed when turned on and erratic or nuisance tripping off of the breaker.

Many of these issues can be avoided by devising an appropriate service schedule that suits your needs.

How can TPTS help you?

To ensure your equipment operates reliably we recommend an appropriate maintenance plan.  Each site and ACBsare different. Therefore after discussion with you we will create a service plan that suits you and your site. The schedule depends on the environment your ACBs operate in, and how often they operate in. Too little use causes as much need for maintenance as excessive use.

TPTS service plan enables us to service your Air Circuit Breaker on site if fixed, or if with-drawable to remove and work on it at our excellence center. During the service we disassemble certain elements of the ACB to allow inspection, lubrication, repair and testing. We have a range of specialised secondary injection equipment to enable us to test the operation of the ACBs electronic trip units and their parameters.

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