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Substation Battery Charger Service/Maintenance/Test

Substation Battery Charger Service/Maintenance/Test

Storage batteries are used to supply stored energy for operation of substation protective relaying and controls. They are kept at a fully charged level by self-regulated battery chargers that are set to maintain a specific DC bus voltage. The battery charger can never be relied upon to supply DC current for operating any protection equipment. This is due to the fact that the fault can easily depress the charger supply voltage to the point that the charger stops functioning.

Failure of the battery to perform its intended function can result in local service interruption, significant damage to substation equipment and in some cases wide spread outages or major system disturbances. Not having adequate battery capacity available at all times is equivalent to removing relay protection and should be approached with extreme caution. If in the highly unusual situation where the battery supply must be disconnected in an energized station, and time is not of the essence, obtain permission from the supervisor. Prompt attention to any abnormal situation involving DC systems is essential and maintenance related to batteries and chargers should be of the highest priority.

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