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Motor Acceleration Analysis

Motor Acceleration Analysis

Software based Motor Starting Analysis software enables engineers to calculate motor acceleration time and the voltage impact of motor starting on electrical power systems. The motor starting software is fully capable of starting individual motors or transitioning an entire electrical power system to another state. The module enables engineers to thoroughly evaluate the impact of load changes to electric power systems.

Sequence-start a series of machines using static or dynamic models, operate Motor Operated Valves (MOVs), and simulate the switching actions of Load Tap Changers.

Advanced plotting and time varying graphical display enable engineers to quickly evaluate results and make decisions.

Motor Starting Software Key Features

  • Comprehensive alert & warning
  • Dynamic Motor Starting using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Motor operated valve (MOV) simulation
  • Libraries & Modeling
  • Motor Starters
  • Load & generation transitioning
  • Multi-sequence starting
  • Conventional reduced voltage starters & soft starting devices
  • Motor & load dynamic models
  • Voltage flicker
  • Static motor starting
  • Dynamic motor acceleration
  • Report & Result Validation

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