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Checklist / Test Sheets & Reports

Our electrical inspection checklist is geared toward inspectors who are visiting commercial/residential properties to perform an assessment.

There are two sections to this checklist. The first covers the basic safety inspection checks which must be performed to guarantee the safety and security of the inspector. The second takes a general requirements approach to residential inspection.

In the safety checklist, all data is taken from NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, 2012.

Each task which follows in the commercial/residential overview checklist will reference the specific NEC code to which it adheres.

Our goal with this checklist is to create an actionable way to follow the correct procedures of industry standard inspections which can fit easily and fluidly within the modern workflow, making the process easier and more effective than before.

These checklist are editable to add further tasks and steps to expand the functionality of this checklist to suit the specific cases and needs.

If you need to present the results of multiple inspections, you can export this spreadsheet with each checklist saved as a row to a CSV file. Through this method, all records and reporting of inspections are automatically saved.

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