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Load Flow Study & Analysis

Load Flow Study & Analysis

A load flow study is the trickiest of the critical four power system studies: it evaluates your power system’s capability to adequately supply the connected load while staying within proper voltage and current ranges. The load flow study report will determine the voltages and power factor at all your buses, as well as currents or power flow on all your feeders. A load flow study is also called a power flow study.

Load flow studies determine the voltage and current at all the nodes – source

Why have a load flow study completed ?

Completing a load flow study on an existing system will provide recommendations for system operation and optimize the system operation to minimum operational costs. Understanding the power flows on various system feeders will allow the operators to understand if there is spare capacity, if there are areas of the plant that are overloaded, and if there are operational configurations that will save energy and the associated costs.

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