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System Architecture Design (EMS, Metering, Automation)

System Architecture Design (EMS, Metering, Automation)

As the substations are operated closer to the margins it becomes imperative to collect fastsub-second measurements to gain insights about the dynamic behaviour of the mains and totake necessary control actions for reliable operation of the system. With the availability of Multi Function Meters (MFMs), synchronized measurement of voltageand current phasors can be taken at rates of about 30 to 120 samples per second.

Most of the applications have a strict latency requirement in the range of 100milliseconds to 5 seconds. To feed these new applications a fast communication infrastructure is needed which can handle a huge amount of data movement and can provide near real-time data delivery. In such a scenario it is evident that after a certain point, the notion of centralized operation and control will no longer bescalable.

In the place of traditional one directional point to point communication links,the communication infrastructure needs to be upgraded to network of communicating nodes supported by a flexible middle ware with high bandwidth and application specific service capabilities.

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